The voice behind Pain of Progress is not an unknown quantity. On the contrary, it is of Chris Pohl. He is probably one of the represents spirit of the German Gothic and Electro scene. His projects are called Terminal Choice, Seelenkrank, Blutengel, Tumor and now evenly Pain of Progress. Chris Pohl, guitarist Daniel Seifert and other close fellow combatants, Olive Wedge (bass), Gerit Hecht (key board) and peace man Mäthger (Drums) create the gap between Gothic and Electro. One crossovert oneself skillfully on the banks all possible categories along, so that one can recognize the most diverse influences. A few ramming in chords, few resemblances from Metal, alternative and Nu a Metal. Held together of comprehensible melodies. That sounds beautifully varied,but reveals however the more frequent idea gaps. Innovations are here often the innovations of others, which were taken over. In addition Chris Pohl brings itself by his multiplicity at projects themselves into the Bredouille. Straight one in the Refrains is to be recognized its handwriting fast. And Songs like “black angel” would have fit just as well for Blutengel or Terminal Choice. Which the two Cover versions, “Pet Sematary” (Ramones) and “Weeping Song” (Nick Cave) are, is not also completely clear. About album's success one can argue. To mention should one, which gives Eric Fish of Subway of Sally its Quäkstimme with the “Weeping Song” as Duettpartner Pohls to the best one. Result: “Frozen Pain” is not fish and not meat.translated of the site: http://www.ragazzi-music.de/painofprogress.html Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
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